The Zealong Tea Botanicals Range

Botanicals Range Collection
Botanicals Range Collection

Can't choose between Zealong's amazing botanicals range - then try a box of each!

SWEET AMBER: A comforting blend of warming ginger and tangy lemon grass which naturally sweetens the organic black tea base.

LADY GATSBY: Is the lady of Zealong's new botanicals range, combining, red rose petals, manuka leaves, cinnamon and Zealong's award winning organic green tea.

GREEN HEART TEA: A cleansing tea which combines, lemongrass, jasmine, ginger, tulsi (commonly known as 'holy basil' and used in traditional Indian medicine), kawakawa (a New Zealand medicinal herb from the pepper family) and Zealong's award winning organic green tea.

ICE BREAKER: Refreshing and bright! The coolness of peppermint, the liveliness of spearmint with a hint of peppery kawakawa (a New Zealand herb used in traditional medicine, said to help with digestion and for being anti-inflammatory) and Zealong's award winning organic green tea.

FIRE AND ICE: Contrasts ginger with spearmint, peppermint and balanced out with manuka and Zealong's award winning black tea. It's refreshing and has a little kick.


All our teas are made with organic hand-picked tea and real herbs and flowers. No fragrances, oils or additives. Just pure tea and real botanicals.

The pyramid tea bags are made from non-GMO plant starch with no synthetic polymer fibers, staples or glues. Better for both you and the planet!


Name The Zealong Tea Botanicals Range
Category Tea, Coffee, Water
Producer Zealong Tea
Size 5 tins of 15 premium pyramid b
Packaging unbleached non-GMO plant based pyramid bags, in a foil bag, in a tin box
Shipping FREE within the USA.
Kiwi Credits Earn $4.40 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Ingredients Zealong organic tea and natural herbs (no fragrances or oils)
Country of Origin New Zealand
Shelf Life 2023
Storage Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Certification USDA organic, certified bio gro organic, ISO 22000 HACCP, SGS
SKU >zt bot SET of 5

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The Zealong Tea Botanicals Range

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