The Organic Nil Pack

organic beeswax food wraps and fire starters
organic beeswax food wraps and fire starters

There is zero waste from the production of these products. The offcuts from the beeswax food storage wraps are used to make the fire starters leaving no waste. Beeswax food wraps are a natural alternative to plastic and these are the only organic beeswax wraps on the market. They're made from organic New Zealand beeswax, unbleached cotton, manuka oil, propolis and jojoba oil. They're 100% food safe, naturally antibacterial, antifungal and hygienic. Perfect for wrapping snacks and meals or as a reusable bowl cover. Nil Fire Starters are organic, biodegradable and recyclable. They're free from harmful chemicals or vapor as they are completely natural. Besides being non-toxic the leftover ash is a natural fertilizer. Good for people and the environment. These fire starters are great for the home fire place or as part of an emergency kit - and super convenient for camping since they can be stored near food and are light as a feather. Nil Fire Starters burn for more than 15 minutes per starter which is significantly better than supermarket fire starters. Both Nil products are handmade in New Zealand by moms in need of work.

Name The Organic Nil Pack
Category Home, Bath and Kitchen
Producer Munch Cupboard
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Country of Origin New Zealand
The Organic Nil Pack

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