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2019 Pure Vanilla Sugar 330g 002
Heilala vanilla bean organic raw sugar
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2019 Pure Vanilla Sugar 330g 002

Heilala vanilla sugar is a rich blend of raw sugar delicately infused with pure vanilla extract and mixed with very finely ground vanilla bean powder.

Sprinkle over freshly baked cookies, cakes and muffins. Add a teaspoon to coffee or hot chocolate. Dust French toast, pancakes and fresh fruit with Heilala Vanilla sugar for a sweet vanilla hit.

Heilala's Bourbon variety vanilla beans are grown in Tonga, hand-selected for their freshness and dried under the Pacific Sun. The beans are rich in flavor and aromatic.

Heilala began as an aid project in Tonga in 2002 to create essential employment and resources such as running water, housing and schools for the local community of Vava'u. In 2013, the Heilala Vanilla Foundation was established to ensure the ongoing sustainability of their unique partnership with the community in Tonga. The Foundation is a registered charitable trust with the New Zealand Charities Commission and each year selects a project to benefit the people of Vava’u.

Name Pure Vanilla Sugar | Heilala Vanilla
Category Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vanilla
Producer Heilala Vanilla
Size 11.64 oz
Shipping $7.50 flat rate FAST SHIPPING within the USA. FREE if part of an order of $35 or more.
Kiwi Credits Earn $0.80 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Ingredients Raw Cane Sugar 98.00% Vanilla Extract (x3) and ground vanilla beans.
Country of Origin New Zealand
Storage Store in a cool, dark location such as your pantry
Certification Gluten Free, Kosher Certification from Kosher Licensing Authority
SKU >hv sugar 330

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Pure Vanilla Sugar | Heilala Vanilla

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