Peppermint Vanilla Extract

new peppermint vanilla extract by Heilala
new peppermint vanilla in peppermint pistachio bark
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new peppermint vanilla extract by Heilala

Peppermint bark, hot chocolate, Christmas cupcakes and cocktails are better with our vanilla extract infused with peppermint.

Heilala is well known for its high quality vanilla and trade aid efforts in Tonga. This season, it's their innovative flavored extracts that has chefs and home bakers alike talking!

Try all the flavors: pumpkin spice, coffee, cocoa, oak aged and berry.

Name Peppermint Vanilla Extract
Category Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vanilla
Producer Heilala Vanilla
Size 50 ml
Shipping $5 flat rate within the USA. Free with an order of $35 or more
Kiwi Credits Earn $1.00 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Ingredients Heilala Vanilla Bean Extractives in Water, Alcohol (35%), Peppermint Oil
Country of Origin New Zealand
Shelf Life Best by July 2022
Storage store in pantry
SKU >hv mint 50
Peppermint Vanilla Extract

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