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Manuka Honey UMF 10+ (14.1 oz) by Tahi

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Manuka UMF 10+ Honey New Zealand Raw Honey Best Seller
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Manuka UMF 10+ Honey New Zealand Raw Honey Best Seller

UMF 10+ is an excellent middle grade. The first of the "medicinal" grades and can be used every day.

Unpasteurized and minimally filtered for maximum goodness. Contains high levels of natural pollens with no added sugar, water or preservatives.

The bees forage freely in wild forest and are not exposed to orchard pesticides, commercial farming or GMO crops. The bees' diet is 100% wild and natural, they are never given corn or sugar syrup or medicines. Hive health and pests are controlled with organic techniques not nasty chemicals. Better for the bees and better for you.

Tahi is a proud member of the UMF Association, the gold standard of standards and and grading manuka honey. Licensee number 2035.

Purchasing Tahi Honey supports active conservation projects. Thank you in helping us restore wetlands, rebuilding sand dunes, planting native trees and bringing wild life back to the nature reserve.

Name Manuka Honey UMF 10+ (14.1 oz) by Tahi
Category Certified Manuka Honey
Producer Tahi Honey
Size 14.1 oz
Packaging PET recyclable plastic with induction seal
Shipping FAST & FREE shipping within the USA
Kiwi Credits Earn $2.00 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Ingredients 100% honey
Country of Origin New Zealand
Shelf Life Current inventory best before February 2022
Storage Store upright in the pantry with the lid on tight
Certification UMF Honey Association, Carbon Neutral, GE Free, Bee Natural, Zeitz Foundation
SKU tm 10p 400

This is the best honey! Wonderful taste and great especially if you have a sore throat! Love it in my hot tea with lemon!
Shelley Kloiber
05 September 16

This honey is really delicious and incredibly versatile! It tastes just like the honey of my NZ childhood with a great texture and an even better taste. It's really versatile and easy to use in baking and makes the perfect breakfast with butter on toast. The tub is beautifully packaged and has a wide opening so you can easily get to the honey. Delivery was great with Prime and arrived bang on time. Definitely recommended!
Tricia Alach
28 July 16

This honey is phenomenal! The taste is sweet, yet not overpowering and it's consistency is thick & smooth. A little drizzle on top of plain yogurt & fresh berries satisfies my sweet tooth & a nightly spoonful helps control my daughter's acid reflux and subsequent sore throat. Love it!
Michelle Konopacky
16 July 16

If you're looking for a mild tasting manuka honey I would recommend this one. The honey is harvested in a gentle way for the bees. It's also harvested and processed in a minimal way so it's fully of pollen and still contains all the goodness the bees put in!

Because it's manuka honey you need to pay attention to how it's rated. The UMF rating system is by most accounts the best way to measure the potency of manuka honey. This one carries that rating.

It's a bit pricier than most, but it 's also one of the most eco-friendly honey brands I've found. If that's important this one's for you!

Tim from Best Honey Site
03 July 16

The best tasting honey I have ever tried, along with the fact I have noticed a remarkable recovery when applied to areas that need an antibiotic or similar topical ointment. I Highly recommend , especially noting the company's back ground and history .Update ~ Though this normally would not fit our budget, I decided to make room for it , I am so thankful I did I also found out a little goes a long way !
E. Huizar
24 June 16

This is the most beautiful honey I have ever tasted. It's really thick and creamy and smooth. It's the most eco-friendly honey I've found and I love that it's UMF 10+ - this is the real thing. I love it as a tea with lemon balm and lemon grass. It's especially good on those cold mornings when my throat's a bit croaky and I can feel the manuka doing all its healthy, healing goodness. Highly recommended!
03 March 16

I have been sampling a number of brands of Manuka Honey sold by Amazon, including the Manuka Health Brand who uses the MGO rating system and their MGO550 which is among the most costly sold on Amazon. Like many, I use it in my coffee or tea. This Tahi brand seems as good as any of the half dozen or so brands I have tasted. I have not compared them at the same time, so just based on recent memory this Tahi honey is quite tasty and seems to be the sweetest of any I have used. This Tahi brand puts more info on the labels than any of the others I have purchased. I like the fact they give me the production date (7/3/2015) and say best if consumed by that date in 2019. The also give you more detailed nutrition info., they use 20gm (15gm supposedly a tbsp) as the average serving and says it has 70kcal (not sure what the k means as in US is the abbreviation for 1,000), 18.4g carbs, and 16.4g sugar. The color is a golden peanut butter color which is slightly more golden than the Manuka Health Brand as I as saving some of that 550 grade as it is supposedly the higher octane equivalent Manuka. Of the 6 or so brands I have purchased, I like this as good if not better than any. I may sample another brand or 2 but this Tahi is at the top of my list at this point.

My only gripe has been mentioned before. The top is a smooth glossy plastic and is impossible to remove once some honey gets onto it. They need to change that to the typical groves on the sides of other brands of honey or the same plastic top as on peanut butter jars.

So, as far as grades for this honey, tastes good, smells good, looks good as gold etc. My concern is the same with any of this expensive honey is the fact we are trusting that the grades given are actually the grade of the honey once it reaches our homes. I have seen several times that heat affects the natural antibiotics in the honey. I assume that most of this honey is shipped on a container ship, then that container or it is broken down into a semi truck and shipped to an Amazon warehouse and from their warehouse into UPS type truck and often my Amazon orders are left in the FL sun by the front door. I put my milk into my coffee cup first, then a half tea spoon of honey and then the hot coffee. It is cool enough to drink instantly so I am hoping it still is potent by the time I consume it.
21 February 16


UMF and MGO: What do the numbers mean?
Genuine manuka honey has been measured for methylglyoxal, the most important organic chemical contributing to the special antibacterial properties of manuka honey. UMF and MGO are both valid measures of the non-peroxidal activity unique to Manuka Honey but it can be confusing when you try to compare the two. This document helps show how these two ratings compare.


Tahi Manuka Honey UMF 10 Batch 50141 Test Results
All manuka honey sold on is independently tested and verified so that we can be sure that we only stock manuka honey that is true to label claims.

So that you can also be sure, we have made these results available to you too.


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Manuka Honey UMF 10+ (14.1 oz) by Tahi

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