Kamahi Honey by Tahi (8.8oz)

Kamahi Honey from New Zealand fs
Kamahi honey with cheese
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kamahi honey citrus cake
Kamahi Honey from New Zealand fs

Kamahi honey is a little lighter, runnier and more yellowy-orange than the consistency of Manuka or Kanuka honey. 

It's smooth, sweet and has a complex taste with many different layers. There's almost a slight nuttiness about it. The complexity of the Kamahi honey means it is sometimes referred to as the connoisseur's honey. 

So yummy on bagels with cream cheese or on a cheese board with brie, camembert and other creamy cheeses. Use it in baking or on toast.

The Kamahi plant is an epiphyte (a plant that grows on another plant - yes, we had to look that up!). It likes to grow on ferns and has spiky clusters of pale pink and white flowers.

Name Kamahi Honey by Tahi (8.8oz)
Category Fruit Pastes, Spreads and Other Floral Honeys
Producer Tahi Honey USA
Size 250 gm (8.8 oz)
Packaging PET jar
Shipping $7.50 flat rate shipping
Kiwi Credits Earn $1.00 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Ingredients 100% honey
Country of Origin New Zealand
Shelf Life Best Before March 2024
Storage In the pantry is ideal
SKU >tm kamahi 250

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Kamahi Honey by Tahi (8.8oz)

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