Antipodes Sparkling Artesian Water 1000ml (pack of 8)

antipodes water pure New Zealand aquifer water still and sparkling
antipodes sparkling water the best water to pair with wine pic
best water for fruity whites rose and champagne fine dining partner special occassion
antipodes water pure New Zealand aquifer water still and sparkling
The purity of Antipodes is it's hallmark. THIS IS THE WATER TO PAIR WITH WINE: The mineral content of water has a significant impact on the flavor of wine when paired. This low mineral water doesn't taint or dominate the palate and ruin the taste of your wine. ANTIPODES SPARKLING WATER: with a fine carbonated bead, is naturally filtered through ignimbrite rock resulting in a mineral make-up that is mostly silica giving it a silky smooth mouth feel. The neutral pH and gentle taste of Antipodes with it's understated designer bottle is perfect for special occasion dining. MOST AWARDED WATER: At the prestigious Berkely Springs International Water Tasting, the world's leading mineral water competition. SOURCED FROM THE DEEPEST HIGH QUALITY AQUIFER: In New Zealand. Untouched from its source deep below the ground, and surrounded by pristine forest, lakes and rivers. PRESERVING THE ENVIRONMENT: All production energy is from 100% renewable sources: geothermal, wind and hydroelectric. Through the creation of wetland reserves around our source, we enhance and preserve our natural environment. Our methods of bottling, packaging, recycling, wetland planting and delivery mean the entire Antipodes process is completely carbon neutral, achieving carboNZero certification.
Name Antipodes Sparkling Artesian Water 1000ml (pack of 8)
Producer Antipodes Water
Size 2 pint 1 fl oz
Packaging glass
Shipping $27 to contiguous US addresses. Due to the weight of this product it is not eligible for free shipping
Kiwi Credits Earn $2.00 Kiwi Credit(s) (conditions apply)
Country of Origin New Zealand
Certification Carbon Neutral, ISO 22000, ISO 9000, Fine Water Society
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Antipodes Water Technical Information
Taste test and rating from; Awards and certification from Berkeley Spring Festival; water source data including depth of aquifer and water age; and detailed raw water analysis.


Antipodes Water Company Booklet
The official Antipodes Water Company Booklet provides information about the pure source of Antipodes water, rising to the surface from the deepest aquifer in New Zealand; the chemical free processing; low mineral content (so there's no mineral after taste); the carbon neutral certification and environmental protection projects; and how it has become the perfect partner for fine dining in the best restaurants around the world.


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Antipodes Sparkling Artesian Water 1000ml (pack of 8)

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