Zealong Tea

Zealong is the world's purest tea

To create the world's purest tea there can be no compromises. From the pristine growing environment, to the most knowledgeable tea masters and highly skilled technicians; creating premium tea is as much an art as it is a science.

Tea plants, a type of camellia, absorb everything from their environment so the unspoiled clean air and soil in the pristine New Zealand environment is where the magic of this tea begins. Out of respect for both the tea and the pure New Zealand environment, Zealong adopt an environmental approach on the estate, applying natural farm techniques and promoting biodiversity. Zealong meets the highest organic certification standards every step of the way. Zealong tea is free of chemical sprays and uses only organic fertilizers.

Zealong is one of the very few tea companies to hold ISO22000 HACCP certification - the world's highest food safety standards. Our traceability system can identify batch specific teas by day, block and processing method which far exceeds industry standards. We are certified and audited by Swiss Consultancy SGS, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. So when we say we know our tea is pure, we really know our tea is pure.

All of Zealong tea is single source - grown, processed and packaged in the Waikato New Zealand. 

The Best of East and West

In 1996, 1,500 carefully selected tea cuttings were imported from the best tea growing regions around Asia. Only 130 plants survived the extended New Zealand Agricultural quarantine period. After careful propagation, a wealth of tea knowledge and a labor of love the Zealong plantation is now a 100 acre home to over 1 million lush tea plants.

A mix of ancient skills and modern technology are required to create tea perfection. Zealong combines the best of Eastern tea growing traditions and techniques with the highest International food safety standards of production. The freshly picked leaves are processed on site in the state of the art tea factory. The process from fresh leaf to tea leaf takes 24 to 36 hours and is a collaboration between tea masters and highly-skilled technicians. 

From your first sip you can taste that this is special tea. From the delicate color and aroma, to the tang on your palate and the sweet after taste.