Will and Able

: willandable.co.nz


Will and Able employees with productWill&Able are a social enterprise, making eco-friendly cleaning products while employing people with disabilities.

Will&Able's environmentally safe and sustainably made cleaning range is truly eco-friendly - inside and out. Many eco cleaners are not as green as they make out and packaged in a nasty petroleum-based single use plastic bottle. Will&Able use entirely safe and sustainable ingredients and our bottles are made 100% out of recycled New Zealand milk bottles. 

In creating this household cleaners range, jobs for people with disabilities have also been created. It can be challenging for people with disabilities to find permanent and purposeful work and Will&Able was created specifically as a place where employees could work in a place of community. The social enterprise is an off shoot of Altus Enterprises, which is an organization which provides work placement for people with disabilities and ultimately the vision is for Will&Able to be not just operated, but also owned by the employees. For the Kiwi Importer, every 200 starter packs we sell (or 1000 individual units) we've created another job. We're beginning at Christmas 2019 with just 40 packs and will be updating from there.