Alfred Vogel of Vogels bread

Vogel's Bread was first made in 1967 in a small bakery in Auckland. The bread was unlike anything New Zealanders had seen before. It was dark, dense and moist. The creator was Alfred Vogel. Alfred grew up in Switzerland and was familiar with medicinal plants at a young age. He believed heath and nutrition were strongly linked and that the best quality of life could be achieved through a good diet full of wholesome, natural foods. 

Throughout his life, Alfred was a keen traveler and student of other cultures and their relationships with nature and food. Notably, he spent time with Sioux in the USA who showed him the purple cornflower (better known as echinacea) and he took echinacea seed back with him to Switzerland, commercially cultivating the plant and introducing echinacea's properties and health benefits to the rest of the world.

Vogel's philosophy that nature creates the perfect balance of taste and nutrition still holds true as a guiding principle of Vogel's foods. The most mouth-watering tastes and exceptional nutrition comes from the very best ingredients nature provides.

Living well into his nineties, Vogel’s entire life was dedicated to sharing his knowledge with the rest of the world. A true natural health pioneer, his work and philosophy are still recognized as unique and important contributions to a healthy lifestyle and nutrition today.

vogels bread usa kiwi importerVogel's over the years has become some what of a Kiwi Icon. The now infamous Vogel's ads of the early 2000s showed homesick kiwis, pining for their Vogels.

Vogel's cereals were added in 2004 and with the longer shelf life this is the range that allows us to bring Vogel's to the USA.

We get asked frequently about Vogel's wonderful bread. We'd love some too! We have spent a considerable amount of time looking into how we might be able to provide this, but the lack of preservatives and freshest ingredients mean the dating on Vogel's bread is short. There just isn't the shelf life for us to be even airfreighting their delicious bread and get it out via postal service all over the country. We'd love it too. But I'm sure all Vogel's bread lovers will also love their wonderful mueslis.


Alfred Vogel’s philosophy was holistic, maintaining that health is tied to living in harmony with nature, rather than against it. He advocated the balanced use of powerful natural foods to achieve optimum health.

Vogel's is based on the principle that the most mouth-watering tastes and exceptional nutrition come from the very best ingredients nature provides.

"In every product, we select from a wide variety of natural ingredients for amazing flavours, good health, nourishment and abundant energy."


This Vogel's tv ad is one of my favorite ads for any brand of all time. It's 3 minutes and a bit of a tea jerker - but I love this. These are real Kiwis.