Tio Pablo


Faine Alexander organic Mexican drinking chocolateTio Pablo began in 2006 with a small, temperamental machine making fresh corn tortillas for the Auckland restaurant trade. 

The founder, Faine Alexander, grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and knew what real, fresh Mexican food should be like. To share her enthusiasm of Mexican food with the New Zealand market she knew the ingredients needed to be high quality. Faine sourced both locally and from Mexico, always selecting the best ingredients and where possible, choosing organic.

As New Zealand's appetite for Mexican food has grown, so has Tio Pablo and today their Manukau factory in South Auckland, produces a full range of traditional Mexican fare, including tortillas, corn chips, salsas, sauces, spiced nuts, seeds and specialty spices as well as importing jalapenos, frijoles and sliced mangoes from Mexico. 

fresca margarita hibiscus flowersTio Pablo's tortillas, salsas and snacks are truly delicious, however we are lucky enough to enjoy great Mexican food here in Texas, so we've selected just two of their products which are just so special and delicious we couldn't resist: Their organic cocoa, a delicious grown-up chocolate drink, spiced with chilli and cinnamon; and their pink hibiscus margarita mix, also awesome for adult beverages! But great for agua frescas too and made with just three simple ingredients.

Faine is also the founder of Sway Baking products. All Tio Pablo and Sway products are gluten free and made with quality ingredients.