Te Mana


Te Mana is a range of freshly made, small batch, skincare hand-crafted from natural New Zealand botanicals. The majority of ingredients are wild harvested and organic - and they're ingredients you know and love such as Zealong green tea, manuka honey, kawakawa oil, black fern, seaweed, red algae and merino wool.

Top performance without parabens, silicones, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Natural Ingredients

manuka honey green tea seaweed skin careManuka Honey: We all know our favorite honey is the buzz of the skin care world. It's because manuka honey is a well-known anti-inflammatory, bacteria fighter and soothes inflamed and red skin.

Zealong Green Tea: In order to enhance the efficacy, the water portions of Te Mana skincare are replaced with Zealong Green Tea. Zealong tea is organically grown in Waikato's clean air, water and soil. This premium tea is one of the world's finest.

Native Seaweed: Red and green seaweed are hand harvested from wild sources. These seaweeds are high in naturally occurring polysaccharides and peptides which protect against water loss and act as a natural filler.

Black Fern: Just like the New Zealand seaweeds, black fern is a powerful anti-oxidant and the gel hydrates, plumps and enhances the skin's natural protective barriers.

NZ Pine Bark: Enzogenal is a 100% natural extract from the bark of New Zealand's native radiata pine tree. Full of plant bioflavonoids it is scientifically proven to boost the skins natural free radical defense, stimulate skin cell growth and bind and protect collagen. 

Merino Wool Collagen: Merino wool proteins are almost identical to the proteins in skin. Therefore they have an amazing ability to naturally interact with the skins structure boosting the natural regeneration of the skin's collagens.