Munch Cupboard


Munch Cupboard are an eco-friendly social enterprise company that produces eco-friendly products for families.

Munch carries two brands: Nil and Munch.

Nil products are plastic-free organic beeswax wraps.

Munch focuses on eco-friendly kitchen products for babies and children.

social enterprise businesses eco friendly businessesOur Sustainable Workforce

Our products are made by a workforce of moms (mums as we call ourselves in New Zealand!), wanting to contribute to a sustainable idea. We are strong supporters of the living wage and provide work to mums who and a flexible and collaborative workforce which allows our mom workers to manage their work around their families as opposed to managing their families around their work.


Our products encourage waste-less lunchboxes, plastic-free kitchens and we attempt to use all natural and biodegradable components in our products. In 2016 we won the Best Eco-Friendly Food Company at the largest Australian Trade Show judged by 30 industrial buyers.


We put children and the environment at the center of all that we do. We run the Munch Awards each year to celebrate other businesses doing great things for the kids food industry; we have a strong fundraising arm focusing on children and the environment and we participate in projects that aim for a plastic free world, better food labelling and less processed food marketed at kids and getting fruit trees into schools.