Kare is located in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, and specialize in manuka honey from the Northland region.

Northland in New Zealand is known for its beautiful beaches, native forests and its sunny weather. The region is the first in New Zealand to have manuka flowers bloom, just as winter is ending and spring is on its way. The manuka blooming period is short, but in Northland, it's also at a time when other native flowers are yet to bloom so the bees are always happy to see the manuka flowers out. Ultimately producing gorgeous, pure manuka honey.

Kare is a boutique operation run by a small team of Northland locals on their family farms. Food safety and traceability is so important they ensure the batch numbers are on every jar, and at their website you can enter your jar's batch number to access the independent lab testing results, the location of the hive and other important batch notes.

Kare is part of the UMF association. License number #2202