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Kaitaia Fire Hot Sauce

Kaitaia Fire organic chilli hot sauce Kaitaia is our last major town before reaching the very Northern tip of New Zealand. 'Kai' is Maori for food - and 'Kaitaia' means ample food. Just 15 minutes from Kaitaia, the warm waters of the South Pacific wash into a golden beach bay and there sits New Zealand's hottest crop, 5 acres of organic chili peppers. 

When these chilies are at the height of their maturity and the red color is at its most intense, they are plucked off the knee high bushes, sorted, washed, finely milled and mixed with organic sea salt. The chilies are then sealed in barrels with air locks to undergo a quasi-fermentation process over the next few years. This process effectively removes all the sugars in the fruit, and releases the volatile oils locked up in the pepper’s cell walls. When the resulting mash has reached its optimum level of maturity, it is mixed to an ancient Mayan recipe, and bottled. This is pure Kaitaia Fire.

Now people make all sorts of claims to justify their addiction to things hot and spicy. One thing is certain however, a good healthy dose of chili sauce heightens the awareness of any given moment by disrupting normal thought patterns and attention spans. Everyday cares and worries are forgotten as all the senses are focused on the site of application, and the body begins to release endorphins, the naturally produced painkillers.

Made from organic ingredients with no coloring, artificial additives or preservatives these hot sauces lift any culinary experience out of the mundane. 


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