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Fontus Sciences Lozenges


FL holiday InnKaitlin Hopkins is a Broadway actress, director and producer who now heads the Musical Theatre BFA program at Texas State University. For over 35 years she was a professional actress working on and off Broadway, internationally, regionally, in film and television and radio. When she sang, she suffered from bad dry mouth when she got nervous. For years she looked for products on the market that offered her what she was looking for to no avail. She knew she wanted something that created a saliva response (tart green apple), used Manuka honey (which has high antibacterial properties), was glycerin based (which is a hydrator), used aloe vera, didn’t have menthol (which is drying to the vocal cords) or sugar which coats them (and often leads to throat clearing which can cause swelling) and was all-natural.  For years she had used small pieces of tart green apple right before she would go on stage to give her something to work with. Apple is extremely healing for the vocal cords, acts as a natural mucus thinner and also is a natural anti-inflammatory. Although this was a better solution than a menthol-based lozenge, she longed for the “perfect lozenge”.  

Now, a few things happened that motivated her to ultimately just create it herself. Her stepfather had suffered from Parkinson’s disease for almost 20 years and one of the side affects of his medication (and many other medications) is dry mouth. Her dream became two fold; she wanted to offer people who use their voices for a living a healthy product that actually worked and to offer an all-natural dry throat lozenge to people with compromised immune systems. She knew that although she developed it originally for performers, that it could help anyone suffering from dry mouth. It didn’t matter if that dry mouth was from living and working in high altitudes, taking medications that cause dry mouth as a side effect or children suffering from sore throats who should limit their sugar intake and could benefit from an all-natural throat lozenge that actually tastes good. Behold FONTUS!

kaitlin hopkins fontus throat lozenge

“As a Broadway performer, I was frustrated there was nothing that really worked to counteract dry mouth and dry throat before, during and after performances. After years of suffering, I helped create the throat lozenge I always needed but couldn’t find. Whether you are a performer, teacher, public speaker or frequent flyer, millions of us suffer from dry mouth. I hope this ‘little green lozenge’ gives you as much relief as it has me.”

Kaitlin Hopkins

Actress/Singer and Founder of Fontus Little Green Throat Lozenges



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