Antipodes Water

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Like our water, our company is New Zealand born and bred.

Also like our water, our thinking behind it is pure and simple.

First we wanted to source one of the world's purest waters. It was a mystery to us why much of the bottled water in the world is from Europe - one of the most industrialized continents on Earth. In contrast, Antipodes is sourced from one of the least populated countries on Earth and in a place renowned for pure water, Antipodes is rated as the purest.

Next we wanted to create the perfect sparkling water to compliment well crafted food and wine. To achieve this we added a fine bead. Finally we wanted it to look good. But we didn't want it to stand out on the restaurant table - even though it's on the table in the world's finest restaurants. We wanted to compliment a table setting, rather than dominate it. We believe the heroes of the table should be the wine and food, not the water bottle. So we kept the bottle clean and simple. We wanted it to look as pure on the outside as it is in the inside.



12 Interesting Things About Us:

1. Antipodes has been naturally protected underground for over 50 years prior to bottling. It started life in the high volcanic plateau and surrounding hills which have never experienced commercial or industrial activity and continue to have extremely low population density - extremely rare in the world of capturing and bottling water.

2. Antipodes is sourced from an exceedingly deep aquifer located 327 metres underground. This depth creates enormous pressure ensuring that any seepage is forced outward rather than inward, eliminating any possibility of contamination.

3. Even though Antipodes is naturally filtered through an inert sub strata of ignimbrite rock, it is then micro filtered to ensure that no particulate matter that might enter the aquifer ever finds its way into the bottle.

4. A water's fingerprint is its basic chemical and mineral make up which varies from source to source. We do not add to, or take anything away from our water. Our fingerprint is our unique identity with its own special balance of calcium, silica and other minerals that are healthy and beneficial to the human body.

5. The less the interference the better the results - this is why we allow antipodes to continue its journey from the source 327m underground to the bottling plant under its own pressure.

6. Our state of the art plant and machinery is computer interfaced for quality control to maintain water quality and integrity.

7. To ensure the bottle is as clean and pure as the water, Ozone is gently bubbled through the rinse water system to disinfect and clean our bottles prior to filling.

8. Our bottling room is encased in a glass box under positive pressure supplied with 'operating theatre' air quality. The entire room is temperature controlled to 17 degrees, the same temperature as the aquifer to help retain the natural character of the water.

9. We operate to the highest international quality standards (ISO 9002 and 22000). This means hands free bottle movement, rinsing and filing followed by tamper evident capping ensuring total hygiene and protection prior to delivery to your table.

10. Our sparkling water system adds quality CO2 through a total saturation system providing the unique fine bead found in our sparkling water.

11. Independent laboratories test each and every batch produced prior to release from quarantine.

12. Everything from the construction of the plant to the packaging and the bottling and shipping has been planned to ensure that the entire process is carbon neutral from the aquifer to any restaurant table on the planet.

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