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bee natural responsible harvesting2At Tahi we believe nature is our greatest asset and it's a guiding principle for all of Tahi's activities. Instead of following normal commercial beekeeping practices, our bees are not fed sugar syrup or chemicals and never go on orchard visits where they pick up pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and other toxins. Whilst these normal beekeeping techniques might make 'commercial sense' since sugar is cheaper than honey, and orchardists pay beekeepers to pollinate their crops, these practices lead to weakened hives and contaminate the honey. Our beekeeping practices are not only better for the bees and the environment, but make cleaner, chemical-free honey for you.

bee natural chemical free organic manuka honey as nature intended




Tahi manuka honey is never blended with honey from hives that are not under Tahi stewardship to maintain exceptional quality in each jar. The honey is not pasturized (raw), undamaged and minimally filtered for maximum goodness the way honey should be. The super taste, aromatic smell and thick gooeyness comes from the fact that this honey has been treated with care.

manuka honey super tasty



Manuka honey is known for its superior antibacterial qualities. The UMF rating shows the relative effectiveness of manuka honey for inhibiting bacterial growth in direct comparison with the antiseptic phenol. The higher the UMF number the greater the antibacterial effects. Tahi is a licence holder of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) and follows their strict guidelines, quality standards, audits and evaluation from accredited laboratories. The UMF trademark is your guarantee that you are buying genuine manuka honey.

certified active UMF honey independently tested



Tahi has planted more than 250,000 native trees to restore the habitat and produce a similar are of wetlands. A decade ago there were fewer than 20 bird species at Tahi Estate, there are now at least 69, 23 of which are rare or threatened. The beautiful label is a celebration of this success. Purchasing Tahi honey assists in this effort. Tahi is an accredited Global Ecosphere Retreat® with the Zeitz Foundation Long Run Alliance. Our success have been recognised in 2011 by New Zealand's Sustainable Business Network, We have also won the Small to Medium Sustainable Business Award with the Sustainable Business Network (in 2011).



bee natural responsible harvesting 2