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Jeffrey and Peter Turner, the founders of J&P Turner, have a long family history in the produce industry - in fact, they can trace back their history involvement in produce to the 1600s in Cambridge, England. Jeffrey and Peter's Grandfather, Edward Turner emigrated from England to New Zealand in the 1880s and started Turners Mart, which later became Turners and Growers. Turners and Growers grew into a well established business and when control was taken offshore by International Investors Jeffrey and Peter created J&P Turner Group - keeping it Kiwi and working with fruit, vegetable and floral growers to continue the family tradition of providing high quality, authentic, natural and nutritious food to consumers in New Zealand and abroad.

The Turner family have a unique and special interest in honey. Jack Turner, Jeffrey and Peter's father, kept bees at his home in Mt Albert for many years. His special blend would include pohutukawa, puriri, gum, flax, jacaranda, avocado, guava, feijoa, hibiscus and other native New Zealand bush. The family legacy today continues with the premium 1885 label. The name 1885, while being a nod to the family's long history and experience in the health food industry, encompasses the highest standards of sourcing, processing, facilities, food safety